Stargate 1- The Sophia Code Curriculum - Mentor with the Masters

Stargate 1- The Sophia Code Curriculum - Mentor with the Masters

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Stargate 1 - The Sophia Code® Foundational Curriculum
Journey into the Sacred Heart of Divine Feminine Christ Consciousness

The Sophia Code is being internationally hailed as a ‘Divine Feminine bible for our times’. The Sophia Code Stargate 1 Curriculum is a guided multidimensional journey into the sacred heart of Divine Feminine Christ consciousness as facilitated by Kaia Ra.

A true modern Mystery School curriculum, the Initiations and teaching revelations of The Sophia Code provide a revolutionary approach for activating your own divine genome, embodying your own Higher Self, and reveals an effective and authentic Divine Feminine approach for thriving in your daily, heroic human journey.

As a living sacred text, The Sophia Code is a Divine Feminine blueprint for mentoring with specific Ascended Master mentors in how to resource your daily communion with the Source and operate from the divine perspective of your own Higher Self.

The Stargate 1 Curriculum is a multidimensional, visionary container for activating quantum leaps of personal growth and creating deep mentor relationships with your “Friends in High Places” for accessing and asserting the master who already lives within you.

With over 30 classes to initiate your sovereign divinity, the Stargate 1 Curriculum provides 12-months of recorded calls and video classes with Kaia Ra, including Bonus Q&A recorded mentoring calls that address leading-edge questions in how to embody Divine Feminine Christ consciousness.

In every class, Kaia Ra offers you quantum healing empowerments and divine genome activations from The Sophia Dragon Tribe® for deepening in your mentor relationships with each of the Divine Feminine Keycodes and for embodying your own Higher Self.

This is a truly unique and rare opportunity to receive the living transmission coming through Kaia Ra’s embodiment, which is in service to empowering your greatest success in life. The Stargate 1 Curriculum is also an important step to prepare for the Stargate 2 Curriculum: “The Elegant Equation of Divine Feminine Christ Leadership Curriculum.

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