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Enter Temple Gate II:

The Sophia Code Curriculum

— Y E A R 1 — 

  • Activate Your Divine Genome
  • Embody Your Higher Self
  • Open Your Psychic Centers
  • Learn Life Changing Altar Practices
  • Create Authentic Mentor Relationships with the Ascended Masters⠀
  • Pre-Requisite for the Sophia Circle Leadership Certification

    The Year 1 Curriculum is a multidimensional mystery school self-study program for embodying your Higher Self, activating your divine purpose, and creating authentic mentor relationships with the Divine Feminine Ascended Masters.

    With over 30 classes to initiate you in how to live in your sovereign divinity, the Year 1 Curriculum offers a life changing journey of recorded calls and video classes with Kaia Ra by your side. This package also includes powerful recordings of Mentor Q&A sessions in which Kaia Ra offers generous reflections and real life wisdom on how to embody Divine Feminine Christ consciousness in your daily life.

    In every class, Kaia Ra offers you quantum healing empowerments and divine genome activations from The Sophia Dragon Tribe® for clearing karmic influences that may be sabotaging your success. With every clearing there are simultaneous empowerments to open your psychic centers and deepen in your direct mentor relationships with the Ascended Masters and Sophia.

    This is a truly unique and rare opportunity to receive such a comprehensive body of mystery school teachings from The Sophia Code Curriculum activating your highest potential and empowering your greatest success in life.

    Your access to the Year 1 Curriculum is also a pre-requisite step for entering Temple Gate 3: The Sophia Circle Leadership Certification Program*Note that the Year 1 Curriculum is included in enrollment into Temple Gate III!


    • Over 30 Audio and Video classes with Kaia Ra & The Sophia Dragon Tribe
    • 70+ Hours of Year 1 Curriculum material
    • 15+ hours of Mentor Q&A recordings with Kaia Ra
    • Quantum Healing Transmissions with the Ascended Masters
    • Divine Genome Activations
    • Life Changing Altar Building Instructions & Practices
    • Channeled activation steps for embodying your Higher Self in your daily life


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