Stargate 1 | The Sophia Code® Mystery School | Kaia Ra | Curriculum
Stargate 1 | The Sophia Code® Mystery School | Kaia Ra | Curriculum

Stargate 1 | Embody Your Higher Self


A Life Changing Journey For Embodying Your Higher Self

In this guided multidimensional journey, you’ll be led into the sacred heart of Divine Feminine Christ consciousness with Kaia Ra by your side. A true modern mystery school curriculum, you’ll receive essential guidance for how to create authentic mentor relationships with the Divine Feminine Ascended Masters of The Sophia Code cosmology.

Stargate 1 of The Sophia Code Curriculum provides a high-frequency sanctuary for spiritual revolutionaries, teachers, healers, activists, advocates, and creatives who want to embody their highest potential, deepen in their intuitive gifts, and fulfill their greatest calling with an abundance of directly accessed support from the Ascended Masters.

On this mentor journey you will receive profound revelations and Initiations that provide a revolutionary approach for activating your divine genome and embodying your Higher Self. Move beyond self-sabotage, nurture your spiritual awakening, and claim the radiant light of your sovereign divinity with the Stargate 1 Curriculum.

As a multidimensional, visionary container for activating quantum leaps of personal growth, Stargate 1 of The Sophia Code Curriculum offers you radical support from your ‘friends in high places’ for accessing and embodying your Higher Self.


This groundbreaking curriculum offers you an exceptional opportunity to mentor with Kaia Ra as the living transmission catalyzes your most accelerated path of spiritual growth. With compassion and humor, Kaia Ra delivers the crystalline teachings of The Sophia Code in accessible and applicable wisdom for your daily heroic human journey.

Stargate One of The Sophia Code Curriculum provides foundational mentorship and Higher Self activations that prepare you for Divine Feminine Christ Leadership in the Stargate 2 program.

Gold Feather | Kaia Ra | The Sophia Code
A Self-Study Online Curriculum & Community Membership

Stargate 1 of The Sophia Code Curriculum Invites You To:


  • MAKE THE SOPHIA CODE REAL FOR YOU  |  Receive life-changing insight on how to apply the high-frequency crystalline resonance of Divine Feminine revelations, Keycode Initiations, and the living transmission offered within every chapter of The Sophia Code in the nitty-gritty moments of your daily heroic human life.

  • DISCOVER THE MASTER WITHIN YOU  |  Get centered in your core, reconcile with your inner strength, and discover how embodying your Higher Self is the foundation for fulfilling your divine purpose as a sovereign creator. Learn how to respect your body as both the vehicle and messenger of your Higher Self’s divinity guiding your human awareness.

  • CLAIM YOUR SOVEREIGNTY  |  Let go of the cellular soul fear that you will be harmed, oppressed, or even killed for embodying your Higher Self’s light in this world. Receive quantum healing that clears outdated oaths of servitude, vows of poverty, and patriarchy-inflicted trauma from your many lifetimes of spiritual service.

  • GET OVER IT AND GET INTO IT  |  Tap into your unlimited willpower to clear challenging blockages, outdated belief systems, and painful resistances to your psychic development. Learn how to feel safe enough to accept and receive unlimited amounts of intuitive guidance by deepening in your direct relationship with Sophia and your Higher Self.

  • OWN YOUR MOTHERBOARD  |  Go deeper with additional activations that build and strengthen the bridges of light from The Sophia Code divine genome to your carbon-based DNA. Get support in how to download increasing amounts of your Higher Self’s divinity within your body and daily human experience – including how to navigate the resulting life changes that will follow with access to more of your own light.

  • EMBODY YOUR TRUE SELF  |  Discover how embodying your Higher Self initiates an adjustment period in which you release your attachments to all addictions and codependency in progressive stages of emotional and spiritual development. Receive fiercely compassionate support for how to live a drama-free life centered upon principles of success, sobriety, and creative genius.

  • GET TO KNOW YOUR MENTORS  |  Create authentic mentor relationships with the Ascended Masters as your spiritual guides for how to unconditionally embody your Higher Self and access your intuitive wisdom within every circumstance. Learn essential altar practices that open heavenly doorways in your office and home to integrate the unlimited support of the Ascended Masters and Sophia.

  • MOVE FROM SURVIVING TO THRIVING  |  Become initiated into The Beauty Way as an important spiritual practice for learning how to identify, honor, nurture, expand, and protect what is sacred to you about your relationship with life – including your success. Give yourself permission to thrive by embodying prosperity consciousness as an authentic Divine Feminine practice for living in your greatest potential.

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Stargate 1 of The Sophia Code Curriculum Includes:


  • Explore every chapter of The Sophia Code with Kaia Ra by your side

  • 70+ Hours of Curriculum Material covered in 30+ Audio & Video Classes

  • 15+ Hours of Recorded Mentor Q&A Sessions with Kaia Ra

  • Quantum Healing Transmissions with the Ascended Masters

  • Divine Genome Activations

  • Altar Building Instructions

  • Channeled Homework for Embodying your Higher Self in your Daily Life


Gold Feather | Kaia Ra | The Sophia Code
Your Self-Study Online Curriculum Includes the Following Classes


SECTION ONE : The Sophia Code Cosmology


  • COMMENCEMENT  |  The Reconciliation Ceremony: Reclaim Your Divine Feminine Power

  • CHAPTER 1  |  Audio Class 1 & 2  |  Your Direct Relationship with Sophia

  • CHAPTER 2  |  Audio Class 3 & Video Class 4  |  The Technology of Your Sovereign Divine Genome

  • CHAPTER 3  |  Audio Class 5 & Video Class 5  |  Mentoring with The Sophia Dragon Tribe

  • CHAPTER 4  |  Audio Class 5 & 6  |  Mentoring with the Divine Feminine Christ Keycodes

  • CHAPTER 5  |  Audio Class 7  |  Divine Feminine Christ Leadership for the Golden Age of Miracles


SECTION TWO : Return of the Divine Feminine Christ<


  • CHAPTER 6  |  Audio Class 8 & Video Class 9 Keycode 1  |  Mentoring with Isis

  • CHAPTER 7  |  Audio Class 10 & Video Class 11 Keycode 2  |  Mentoring with Hathor

  • CHAPTER 8  |  Audio Class 12 & 13 Keycode 3  |  Mentoring with Green Tara

  • CHAPTER 9  |  Audio Class 14 & Video Class 15  |  Keycode 4  |  Mentoring with Mother Mary

  • CHAPTER 10  |  Audio Class 16 & Video Class 17  |  Keycode 5  |  Mentoring with Mary Magdalene

  • CHAPTER 11  |  Audio Class 18 & Video Class 19  |  Keycode 6  |  Mentoring with Quan Yin & Mahavatar Babaji

  • CHAPTER 12  |  Audio Class 20 & Video Class 21  |  Keycode 7  |  Mentoring with White Buffalo Woman

  • CHAPTER 13  |  Audio Class 20 & Video Class 21  |  Keycode 777 | Mentoring with The Sophia Dragons

Gold Feather | Kaia Ra | The Sophia Code


  • 5 Bonus Recorded Mentor Q&A Sessions, 12 Bonus Prayer Collective Replays,Bonus Lion's Gate Activation, and a Golden Dragon Graduation Ceremony


Gold Feather | Kaia Ra | The Sophia Code

FAQs for The Sophia Code Curriculum Stargate 1


Please email any additional questions to our Team Angels at


Q. How will I be able to access my curriculum class materials?


Your Stargate 1 Curriculum class materials can be accessed by logging into our private membership site with your personalized login information. The program is laid out for you to easily access everything that you need.


Q. Do I need to read The Sophia Code book before enrolling in Stargate 1 of the curriculum?


No. The Stargate 1 Curriculum was designed to walk you through every chapter and Keycode Initiation of The Sophia Code with Kaia Ra by your side. You can enroll now to read through The Sophia Code with the loving support of this profound self-study course. There are no reading requirements for you to begin the Stargate 1 Curriculum today.


Q. Is there a social media community or online forum that is available for me to connect with other Initiates of The Sophia Code Curriculum?


We currently have an Official Forum for The Sophia Code community on Facebook that you can join HERE. It would be an honor to connect further with you on your journey through the codex.



We are happy to provide support for your questions. Please remember to whitelist the email address: to receive your digital products after purchase via email. Also, remember to check your email account’s junk mail and promotions folder after purchase to locate a redirected email. If you still cannot locate your files please feel free to email our Team Angels at:

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