In 2008, during a winter-long writing sabbatical on Mount Shasta, CA, Kaia Ra was consciously taken into the light of Sophia to meet with an Ascended Master High Council called The Sophia Dragon Tribe.

This luminous collective consciousness of Ascended Master teachers presented to Kaia Ra a great commission to write the word of their living transmission on sovereignty as a Divine Feminine Christ codex from Sophia, the One Divine Mother Creatrix of All Life.

They announced that this codex would be Sophia’s love letter to humanity, which would broadcast worldwide through multiple books and media channels as The Sophia Code.

After years of secluded intensive training with the Ascended Masters, Kaia Ra publicly revealed The Sophia Code material in 2013 that she began to channel following this event in 2008. To prepare a first wave of Lightworkers to receive the codex on behalf of humanity, Kaia Ra began teaching classes, offering live events, and pre-released the Keycode Initiations from The Sophia Code cosmology prior to the book's publication. 

In June 2016, the introductory volume of The Sophia Code was officially released, and within 4 days became an international bestseller on Amazon in three categories. It has remained an international bestseller ever since and is currently being translated into French. 



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