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FAQs for The Sophia Code Keycode Initiations


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Q. If I am listening to the Keycode Initiations for the first time should I listen to them in order?


The Keycode Initiations were designed to build upon one another in sequential order, and it is recommended that you read or listen to them them in this way for the first time. However, once you have journeyed with all eight Ascended Master Keycode mentors you may return to any Initiation, in any order, to receive next-level downloads from their activations.


Q. Is it possible to mess anything up when listening to the Keycode Initiations?


No. Relax into your listening and allow yourself to receive. The Sophia Code Divine Feminine Christ Initiations® offer a living transmission that is encoded to activate and empower you, beyond your understanding or effort. Invite yourself to be curious about how easily you can receive your ascension upgrades from The Sophia Code.


“The Sophia Code is my living transmission for revealing the master within you to your own consciousness. It creates a quantum space for you to witness your free will commanding the activation and embodiment of your own divine genome. Your awareness doesn’t have to understand how or why this living transmission is awakening your DNA to receive its downloads.” —Sophia, The Sophia Code, Pg. 8


Q. How fast can I go through The Sophia Code Divine Feminine Christ Initiations?


“As in any arc of educational growth, cycles of integration are essential for taking in new information, releasing old belief systems, and adjusting to live at the edge of your capacity for accelerated personal transformation.” —The Sophia Code, Pg. xxii


Please be mindful! There is no need to create a personal healing crisis to activate your divine genome. These are VERY powerful recordings that directly address stagnated emotional, mental, and spiritual energy, as well as all outdated belief systems within you on a cellular-soul level. You will receive the most benefit from this journey if you complete these Initiations at a pace that honors your physical, emotional, and mental body.


For your first journey, it is HIGHLY recommended by the Ascended Masters to only work with one Initiation for a period of 3 – 7 days, before moving onto the next Initiation.


During that 3 – 7 day period you may listen to the same Keycode Initiation for as many times as you like. After 3 – 7 days your Higher Self and/or the Ascended Masters will prompt you to move onto the next Initiation. It’s important to remember that you are being divinely guided through this journey and that it’s safe to trust your unique timing.


Please remember that a period of integration is required for completing the activation cycle of every Keycode Initiation. Your physical and emotional body can only integrate so many ascension upgrades at once. Taking care of your body through rest, healthy eating, exercise, and reflective journaling for several days after completing a Keycode Initiation will support your whole system integration.


Q. If I feel drowsy or fall asleep when listening to The Sophia Code Divine Feminine Christ Initiations® is that okay?


Yes! These are incredibly powerful recordings that are encoded with the living transmission of each Divine Feminine Ascended Master mentor. Their crystalline resonance of Sophia Christ consciousness is continually activating and upgrading your awareness when you participate in this initiatory journey. Feeling drowsy or falling asleep indicates to your awareness that you are being upgraded beyond your unconscious resistances to embodying this same crystalline frequency.


So if you feel drowsy or fall asleep while listening to an Initiation — that’s okay! Your conscious awareness is simply moving into a resting place, to “get out of the way,” so that your unconscious mind can receive the emotional support, energetic quantum healing, belief work, and divine genome activations.


As you rest, that Ascended Master will continue to work with your Higher Self, blessing your whole body integration of this ongoing empowerment process. If you repeatedly get drowsy or fall asleep at the same place in an Initiation, this indicates that you are working on clearing deep resistances to that new belief system. Listening to the same Keycode Initiation until you can consciously stay awake for its entirety completes the clearing and upgrading process.


Remember: There is no destination in your ascension journey, your initiatory journey happens one self-loving and self-accepting step-at-a-time.


Q. If I consciously choose to listen to The Sophia Code Divine Feminine Christ Initiations® as I am falling asleep will it still work?


Yes! Once you’ve consciously gone through an Initiation awake, you can also choose to listen to an Initiation as you fall asleep, as a technique for integrating your empowerment. This technique also supports more downloads of your Higher Self consciousness to anchor within the crystalline chromosomes of your human body. Listening to a Keycode Initiation while you sleep also allows for you to relax into an ever-deepening commitment to work with your Higher Self and the Ascended Masters for fulfilling your divine purpose.


Q. If I experience physical sensations, emotional releases, or powerful dreams during or following the Initiation what does that mean?


“Therefore, you may experience a myriad of physical sensations as you rearrange your inner reality by reading the book.” —The Sophia Code, Pg. xxii


All is well. Every facet of your consciousness is affected by the Keycode Initiations and has its own unique way of processing transformation. These sensations will pass and more of your own Higher Self – your own true self – is now downloading and anchoring into your human body. In these moments of intensity, you are deeply connecting with the quantum healing light of your own Higher Self, the Ascended Masters, and Sophia God working together to release what no longer serves your highest good while simultaneously upgrading everything within you.


Quantum growth leaps and downloads of important information are happening, as directed by your own Higher Self. Powerful dreams indicate that your subconscious, unconscious, and superconscious are merging your localized human awareness with the omniscient perspective of your divinity. Integrating the Keycode initiatory journey through your dreams is a powerful technique that was used in ancient mystery schools. This Keycode Initiation series arises from an authentic modern mystery school curriculum and therefore, your body, heart, and mind will respond as such. The changes that you are experiencing are real and it’s safe to keep going.


Please remember that staying with your breath and witnessing this process without judgment facilitates a smoother journey to complete The Sophia Code Divine Feminine Christ Initiations® with more grace, ease, and self-compassion. You’ve got this!


“As you mentor with the different Ascended Master teachers of my Sophia lineages, you will reawaken your self-mastery training from all your lifetimes on Earth connected with The Sophia Code. The initiations that you receive in the codex will unify all the DNA activations of your previous lineages within you so that you may embody the totality of your own Keycode in this lifetime.” —Sophia, The Sophia Code, Pg. 10


Q. Can I listen to The Sophia Code Divine Feminine Christ Initiations® while driving?


No. Please refrain from listening to the Keycode Initiations while driving a vehicle or operating heavy machinery. Your consciousness will always shift into an altered state of meditation to receive the living transmission in Kaia Ra’s recorded voice. Please listen to these recordings responsibly.


Q. Can I share The Sophia Code Divine Feminine Christ Initiations® with my friends?


You are welcome to listen to the Keycode Initiations with your friends and family. However, we request that you refrain from file sharing this MP3 series. When you choose to purchase these files, the payment itself is an activation in your initiatory journey, teaching your consciousness that what is sacred deserves to be held with integrity and respect.


Thank you for respecting The Sophia Code Divine Feminine Christ Initiations® series by encouraging those interested in working with this mystery school curriculum to purchase their own MP3 files as an integral choice in their own initiatory journey with the Ascended Masters. Thank you for your support of The Sophia Code®!


Q. I am not receiving your emails, what can I do?


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If our company email is not on your safe sender list, our emails will most likely end up in your junk mail / promotions folder that’s a part of your inbox.


Q. I just made a purchase. Where is my access link or MP3 file?


As soon as you make an online purchase from The Sophia Code, an automated email goes out for you to access your video replay link or MP3 files.


If you think you haven’t received your automated access email, please go through these helpful steps before contacting us:
When you purchased the product did you use an email address associated with your PayPal account? If so, the automated email would have been delivered to your email address that’s linked to your PayPal account. Please check that inbox for your access information, including the junk mail / promotions folder in that email account.


If our company email is not on your safe sender list, our emails will most likely end up in your junk mail / promotions folder that’s a part of your inbox. Please check both folders for your access email that was sent out after your purchase.


Please be sure to add our company email address: to your safe sender list so that our support staff can reach you if you have further questions or needs.


Q. Is there a social media community or online forum that is available for me to connect with other Initiates of The Sophia Code Curriculum?


We currently have an Official Forum for The Sophia Code community on Facebook that you can join HERE. It would be an honor to connect further with you on your journey through the codex.


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