Private Mentor Session with Kaia Ra

Private Mentor Session with Kaia Ra


There are certain crossroads in your spiritual journey when an exceptional spiritual consultation provides the wind at your back for leaping with faith into a whole new chapter of your Higher Self embodiment. A private session with Kaia Ra provides a concentrated, white hot hour of channeled downloads and integrative mentorship with the Ascended Masters for accelerating your commitment to self-mastery.

Stepping into your next-level of success requires overcoming your greatest unconscious resistances to that expansion. Your private session with Kaia Ra instantly illuminates the root of those deepest fears as her compassionate yet direct mentorship invokes your greatest light to shine with practical instructions for your immediate next steps.

A session can include a wide range of guidance on how to navigate your professional spiritual leadership or it can be used as a sanctuary for personal quantum healing and communication with your guides. Kaia Ra generously draws from her two decades of professional Divine Feminine Christ leadership to serve you with as much information and activation that your soul can receive in a single session.

Most sessions include a combination of mentorship, channeled information, spiritual counseling, and quantum healing. However, the unique journey of every session is entirely driven by how open you are to hearing the information that is being directed by your own Higher Self. Kaia Ra masterfully works with you to quickly dissolve your resistances to life changing information so that you may receive as much as possible during your hour together.



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