Stargate 2 - The Sophia Code Curriculum - Divine Feminine Leadership

Stargate 2 - The Sophia Code Curriculum - Divine Feminine Leadership

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Your Stargate 2 mentorship journey with Kaia Ra will draw you deeper into The Sophia Code’s revolutionary blueprint for actualizing your sovereignty and leading from the heart of your unique Higher Self embodiment.

You’ll receive downloadable modules form a groundbreaking new guidebook from Kaia Ra: "The Elegant Equation of Divine Feminine Christ Leadership". Includes invaluable teachings from Kaia Ra & The Sophia Dragon Tribe that will accelerate and amplify your greatest leadership offering.

These elegant equations reveal why the oracular activism of Divine Feminine Christ Leadership is such a unique, radical, and effective approach for fulfilling your destiny to awaken the heart of humanity.

Every chapter overflows with Jedi Priestess skills, heyoka humor, channeling protocols, ceremonial blueprints, and real-life applications that will support and accelerate your unique calling to lead. We deeply care about your success and believe that this mentor journey and groundbreaking guidebook will co-create a life-changing year for your leadership to thrive.