The Sophia Circle Leadership Certification Program

The Sophia Circle Leadership Certification Program

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Enter The Temple Gates:

Introducing The Sophia Circle Leadership Certification Program

Program Begins: June 13 — August 15


If you have questions about this program please schedule a phone call with our Team of Angels HERE!

Facilitate in-person and online community spiritual journeys through the living transmissions of The Sophia Code.

Learn to be a dynamic facilitator of awakening alongside The Sophia Dragon Tribe!

In 2019 we are being called into a profound embodied remembrance of why we chose to be living angels on Earth at this time. This is a pivotal moment in our human evolution. We face the challenge of evolving through multiple global crises caused by deep patriarchal wounding. These planetary-wide wounds can only be healed through the collective activated power of Earth Angels working together as one on this great mission.

The root healing of every soul wound is the truth of our shared sovereign divinity. As an Earth Angel, you are innately called to initiate yourself and others into this life changing truth. The Sophia Code book is a rare sacred text that proclaims this truth to the world through a living transmission and multidimensional mystery school container that activates every person who holds it in their hands.

As you integrate the Year 1 teachings of The Sophia Code Curriculum, your Higher Self embodiment matures and deepens to reveal more of your true self in your daily life. You begin to consider how you want to share this good news with others. Eventually, the choice to unfurl your wings becomes irresistible and your heart seeks to help others embody the light of their own divinity.

In your journey with the Ascended Masters have you thought about sharing The Sophia Code in a bigger way? It’s an immaculate blueprint for guiding others to awaken Sophia Christ consciousness within them, which will always guide them to their own sovereign divinity.

I’ve designed the 2019 Sophia Circle Leadership Certification program as a clear and organized pathway for guiding others through every chapter of The Sophia Code teachings. It provides a blueprint for your professional facilitation of sacred space that will make a profound impact upon your clients, community, and our world. With your approved certification you will be provided with all of the tools to run in-person or online video Sophia Circles that significantly activate the lives of others.  

When you witness how your activated divine genome can more effectively operate your human awareness an irresistible urge to help others begins to arise within you. As your life steadily improves upon the foundational teachings of the Year 1 Curriculum you begin to consider how important it is to lead others into this same relief and empowerment.

This online certification program prepares you to facilitate structured Sophia Circle journeys for your clients and community through The Sophia Code as a sacred text. Upon certification, you can lead paid and free gatherings to unify the heart of humanity with the good news of our shared sovereign divinity.

Program Pricing Details

  • Total Program Price: $2,555
  • OPTIONAL 1-Day In-Person Group Training with Kaia Ra for an additional $333
  • Payment Plans Now Available
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Program Time Commitment

  • June 13 — August 15
  • Optional 1-Day Training Date TBA

What’s Included:

  • Online Opening Ceremony
  • (4) Mentor Q&A Group Calls
  • (8) Pre-Recorded Video Facilitator Training Classes
  • (8) Weekly Activation Self-Study Steps
  • (9) Bonus Keycode Video Transmissions
  • Bonus Video Class Training for Virtual Sophia Circles
  • Sophia Circle Leadership Private Members Online Forum
  • Email Support
  • Access to The Sophia Code Curriculum Year 1 materials


Your Long-Term Return of Investment:

  • Sophia Circle Training Manual (RECEIVED UPON CERTIFICATION)
  • Access to wholesale ordering of The Sophia Code book
  • Qualification to lead free and paid learning journeys
  • Receive brand-approved marketing materials for both online and print distribution
  • Eligibility to apply for the Sophia Circle Ceremonial Leadership Program
  • Eligibility to apply for The Sophia Code Affiliate Ambassador Program

*PLEASE NOTE: Enrolling in this program does not guarantee certification*

About Your Certification Process

  • Certification is approved with a submitted packet that includes:
    • Video presentation
    • Written essay
    • Completed Activation Steps

  • Upon approved certification you will receive:
    • Signed certificate from Kaia Ra
    • Marketing materials
    • Facilitators Manual
    • Eligibility to run Sophia Circles

Optional 1-Day Exclusive Mentor Immersive for Sophia Circle Leaders Details:

  • Additional cost $333
  • This training will be scheduled to occur during the 2019 Divine Feminine Healing Retreat with Kaia Ra
  • Attendees of this 1-Day Training will get a discount on their attendance to the retreat
  • More Details Coming Soon!


Are you ready to share The Sophia Code in a bigger way?