The Sophia Summit

The Sophia Summit


The Sophia Summit

"Coming Home to the Divinity of Your Humanity”

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You and I are being called to embody our purest light, deepest wisdom, greatest love, and most aligned offerings at this pivotal moment in humanity’s evolution. With such a great angelic mission at hand, it can often feel daunting for how to lead others beyond the limitations and wounding of humanity’s collective pain.

In The Sophia Code, we are taught that everything we need to birth a new paradigm beyond duality is given to us through the inheritance of our shared sovereign divinity. Your sovereign divinity is the same holy light, unconditional love, and sovereign creative power that comes from the Source, which we call Sophia.

Your direct connection to the divinity within you and your communion with Sophia’s limitless light can carry your angel wings and lift hearts all around you without getting caught in the minefields of duality. Did you know that there is a divine genome within you that anchors the light of your divinity within your human body? Can feel how important it is at this time to open your heart and directly connect with your own Sophia Source?

Your Higher Self, along with all of the Ascended Masters and angelic guides of The Sophia Dragon Tribe invite you to receive Sophia Activations and Blessings that will empower your direct connection to the Source.

You’re invited to a journey through all of your 8 major chakras to restore, bless, and amplify your direct connection to Sophia. In this coming home ceremony, you will receive quantum healing and empowerments from the Ascended Masters of The Sophia Code to upgrade the spiritual technology of your body, which supports your direct communion with Sophia.

“Awakening Sophia Within” Ceremonial Blessings

Sophia Root Chakra Activations with Isis & White Buffalo Woman:

    • Clearing patriarchal religious belief systems that you’re supposed to be poor or suffer for your spiritual leadership

    • Rooting into the truth of your worthiness to abundantly receive for your spiritual gifts and talents

    • Going home to your tribe: Blessings for opening to a Sophia heart-centered community

Sophia Sacral Chakra Activations with Hathor:

    • Clearing codependency attachments to outdated relationships that keep you in cycles of wounded separation from Sophia

    • Reinstating the golden foundation of your divine inheritance as a sovereign divine creator, worthy of relationships and community centered in Sophia’s light

    • Hathor’s Abundance Blessing: Divine genome activation for living in alignment with ‘the right place, at the right time’, so that you can choose to thrive in prosperity consciousness

Sophia Solar Plexus Chakra Activations with Green Tara:

    • Clearing of patriarchal religious beliefs and control issues that are blocking your direct connection with Sophia

    • Allowing yourself to feel complete and whole in your personal sovereign power through your direct connection to Sophia, including reconciling with the Divine Masculine principles within you

Sophia Heart Chakra Activations with Mary Magdalene & Jesus:

  • Clearing outdated defensive strategies for protecting your heart from the pain of others

    • Creating healthy boundaries and living a blessed life through Sophia’s ‘undefended love’ pouring through your heart chakra

Sophia Throat Chakra Activations with Mother Mary & Archangel Gabriel:

  • Blessing your throat as a vehicle for Sophia’s grace to clearly communicate on Her behalf in your spiritual leadership

    • Blue Ray vocal activations for reading The Sophia Code aloud to awaken yourself and others to Sophia within

Sophia Third Eye Chakra Activations with Quan Yin:

  • Release beliefs of unworthiness and associated spiritual toxicity blocking your ability to see yourself clearly

    • Restore and amplify your self-confidence in your ability to receive divine guidance directly from Sophia and your Higher Self

Sophia Crown Chakra Activations with White Buffalo Woman:

  • Clearing of patriarchal religious oaths, vows, ancestral attachments, and implants blocking your crown chakra technology

    • Opening to how safe, protected, and guided you are to access direct knowing from Sophia for the liberation of yourself and all beings

Sophia 8th Chakra Higher Self Activations with The Sophia Dragons:

  • Return your awareness to the prosperous divine consciousness of the Holy Mother who wants you to have more than enough every day

  • Sophia Shekinah light download for awakening your body, heart, and mind to a cellular-soul knowing that you really are the Temple of Sophia God

    • Emotional Body Upgrade for sharing the good news of humanity’s invincible sovereign divinity — including feeling safe to share with others about your innate wholeness


Return to the Source: Step Into the Light of Sophia Within You

Ceremonial Blessings and Global Summit Replay for Only $13


Gold Feather | Kaia Ra | The Sophia Code

FAQs for The Sophia Code Curriculum Stargate 1


If you have questions, please check our FAQ below. If you don't find the answer you were looking for please email our Angels your question at


Q. How will I be able to access my curriculum class materials?


Your Stargate 1 Curriculum class materials can be accessed by logging into our private membership site with your personalized login information. The program is laid out for you to easily access everything that you need.


Q. Do I need to read The Sophia Code before enrolling in Stargate 1 of the curriculum?


No. The Stargate 1 Curriculum was designed to walk you through every chapter and Keycode Initiation of The Sophia Code with Kaia Ra by your side. You can enroll now to read through The Sophia Code with the loving support of this profound self-study course. There are no reading requirements for you to begin the Stargate 1 Curriculum today.


Q. Is there a social media community or online forum that is available for me to connect with other Initiates of The Sophia Code Curriculum?


We currently have an Official Forum for The Sophia Code community on Facebook that you can join HERE. It would be an honor to connect further with you on your journey through the codex.


FAQs for The Sophia Code Curriculum Stargate 2


Q. How will I be able to access my Stargate 2 Curriculum class materials?

Your Stargate 2 Curriculum class materials can be accessed by logging into our private membership website with your personalized login information. The program is laid out for you to easily access all class materials including videos, audio files, and class reading and homework instructions. Upon your enrollment, please check your email for login details and email if you need any support.


Q. Is the Stargate 2 Curriculum a stand-alone course or do I need to participate in Stargate 1 of The Sophia Code Curriculum first?


The Sophia Code Stargate 1 Curriculum provides a phenomenal amount of mentorship material that is foundational for stepping into the Stargate 2 class material. We highly recommend that you go through the modern mystery school program in the order that it was designed to initiate your consciousness.


The Stargate 1 program is essential for learning how to embody your Higher Self and create lifelong mentor relationships with the Ascended Masters. Setting your course for learning at a high level of self-resourced focus and self-mastery, your Stargate 1 journey is crucial for how activating the initiations of the Stargate 2 curriculum will be for you.


You can enroll in the Stargate 1 Curriculum HERE.

Q. Is the Stargate 2 Curriculum the upcoming ordination program that Kaia Ra has mentioned is coming?


No. The Stargate 2 program is your next developmental step for embodying your Higher Self to become a wayshower for others. This curriculum also deepens your mentorship with the Divine Feminine Ascended Masters of The Sophia Code cosmology as you learn how to lead from the perspective of Sophia’s light. This coursework provides a wealth of information to either activate you in stepping forward to make a professional offering or for you to expand in your current Divine Feminine Christ leadership at the next professional level.


The Sophia Code ordination program is still being developed and the next steps will be announced soon. However, the materials from Stargate 2 is required coursework to complete if you want to apply for the Sophia Circle Leadership Certification Program and / or ordination programs.


We love being on the forefront of this Divine Feminine Christ leadership movement with you. We sincerely thank you for your patience as Kaia Ra continues to download the important initiatory steps of this modern mystery school curriculum.

Q. What if I don’t see myself as a Divine Feminine Christ leader? Is the Stargate 2 Curriculum still applicable for me?


Kaia Ra believes that we’re all here to lead in our own unique way – revealing the power of divine love, embodied sovereignty, and authentic communion to those who Sophia guides us to minister to in every present moment of our daily Higher Self embodiment.


Divine Feminine Christ leadership is taking your embodiment to the next-level of being your truest self and living in alignment with your most authentic offering to the world, whatever that may be. You don’t need to be behind a microphone or under a spotlight to be making a radical difference in the world through living a committed mindset to lead The Way.


This next-level quantum journey into the sacred heart of Divine Feminine Christ leadership will be guiding all of us to new heights and depths of leading through example that can’t be understood yet with the mind — yet is essential for humanity’s future. We invite you to feel through your heart the importance of this pivotal moment in humanity’s evolution and to clarify how essential you are as a leading edge Lightworker at this time. Divine Feminine Christ leadership is a mindset and way of life that we cannot have enough of in this world. We are all being called into such bigger versions of ourselves at this important chapter in humanity’s evolution.

Q. So how do I legally make an offering with The Sophia Code for my community and clients?


We truly appreciate the enthusiasm and support of our international community’s desire for sharing The Sophia Code with others. At this time, the best approach is to a create a book club in which you can gather to read and explore The Sophia Code sacred text together as a community of equals or in a circle of friends.


Here are the guidelines for creating a book club or community reading circle:

      • No one is permitted to act as an authorized / certified teacher of The Sophia Code

      • The title “The Sophia Code” or pictures of the book, the name of “Kaia Ra” or pictures of Kaia Ra, and the name “The Sophia Dragon Tribe” are NOT allowed to be marketed in any way to announce your gathering

      • This legally applies to non-profit entities and church groups that are gathering together to study the The Sophia Code


Here are some suggestions that you could use as ideas for how to announce your book club or community reading circle:


      • Divine Feminine Book Club

      • Divine Feminine Movement Meeting Group

      • Divine Feminine Support Group

      • Divine Feminine Prayer Circle



Please feel free to email us your questions about these guidelines and any other questions you may have about sharing The Sophia Code with others by emailing us at


Learn about the Sophia Circle Leadership Certification Program HERE.

Q.Is there a social media community or online forum that is available for me to connect with other Initiates of The Sophia Code Curriculum?


We currently have an Official Forum for The Sophia Code community on Facebook that you can join HERE. It would be an honor to connect further with you on your journey through the codex.


We are here to help you with your questions. Please email us for assistance.

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